Intergenerational Archives

What gets remembered in the collective memory and history of Smith College? This intergenerational archives project aims to center the lived experiences of low-income/working class, international, immigrant, queer and students of color, and make histories of student activism visible and accessible to all. By grounding ourselves in these stories of struggle shaped by race, class, gender, and sexuality, and the resistance against systematic oppression on and off campus, we can better understand how social justice within and beyond the Smith community is an ongoing process. In order to continue fighting for social justice, we must learn and preserve the histories of those who came before us, those who fought everyday to learn and thrive at Smith.

Together with alumnae, staff, faculty and current students, we will collect and assemble materials relating to different students’ social justice mo(ve)ments and create an interactive website where these past and current histories will be recorded. Through such a centralized location of these histories, we can better understand and have access to our collective histories. The project is founded and developed by student activists Carro Hua (’13) and Andrea Kang (’13), and directed by Professor Jennifer Guglielmo (History, American Studies, and the Program for the Study of Women and Gender) and Nanci Young (College Archives).

If you are interested in getting involved with this project, please email us at with “intergenerational archives” in the subject line.